Parks & Cemetery

The Parks Department provides all maintenance and mowing of City parks and facilities, City ball fields, drainage ways and street right-of-way, and the City Cemetery.


The City has the following public parks/playground areas:
  • Elmwood Park (400 S. State) - Three (3) lighted baseball fields, skate park, frisbee golf course, picnic and playground facilities, ½ mile dirt oval racetrack, fairgrounds and equine facility, public restroom facilities.
  • Pool Park (800 W. Wilton) - Swimming pool, picnic and playground facilities, 1 lighted baseball field, 1 t-ball field, 1 lighted basketball court, 3 lighted tennis courts, public restroom facilities.
  • Roadside Park (502 W. Holme) - Picnic and playground facilities, public restroom facilities.
  • Tweed Park (Wabash & Warsaw) - Playground facilities, Basketball ½ Court.
  • Mapes Park (906 Valley Drive) - Playground facilities, Basketball ½ Court.

Norton City Cemetery

The Norton City Cemetery is located on US Highway 283 at the north edge of Norton. Cemetery records are maintained in the City Clerk’s office. A cemetery directory is located at the cemetery to assist in finding grave locations. Spaces in the cemetery are available for $100 per space, except in the Original Addition, which are $50 per space for cremation burials.

The following fees are charged for burial in the Norton City Cemetery, to include the opening and filling of the grave:
  • $300 for an adult or child over 5 years of age,
  • $200 for a child five years of age or under,
  • $100 for cremation and stillborn,
  • $100 for a welfare burial.
The burial rate on Saturday, Sunday or holidays shall be one and one/half times the regular fee listed above. Scheduling of funerals shall be done by the responsible mortician as to date and time with the concurrence of the city clerk's office and the cemetery sexton. No burials shall take place on Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. A $5 monument permit is required to set a monument or marker.