Upcoming City Council Meeting Agenda

IN RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, the City Council and City Committees will continue to meet. During these meetings, the Council Room will be limited to 10 persons to be present at one time. Those in excess of 10 will be required to attend by teleconference. If anyone desires to attend a scheduled Council Meeting or Committee Meeting, please notify the City Clerk at 785-877-5000
in advance, and arrangements will be made to include you in the teleconference.

April 1, 2020 -- 5:30 p.m.

Roll Call  

Flag Salute

Approve March 18, 2020 City Council meeting minutes

Building/Demolition Permits:
Kenneth Ashworth - $  5,900 – Reroofing at 315 N. Graves
J.P. Rice                 - $10,000 – Replace sidewalk and retaining wall at 211 W. Waverly
Ted Sanko              - $         0 – Demolition of garage at 710 N. Grant 

Rick Ensz (Cooper Malone McClain, Inc.) via conference call – PBC’s refunding revenue bonds 



Mayor Jones          - 

Karen Griffiths      -

Gerry Cullumber   - 

James Moreau       - 

Gerald Jones 

Donna Foley          - Parks Committee Meeting Report

Ron Briery             - 

Dean Liddle          - County Commissioner Meeting Report
                             - Public Safety Committee Meeting Report: Ordinance #1731 re: towing/impoundment fees

Dennis Gilhousen - Finance Committee Meeting Report: Resolution #8-2020 re: seasonal employee pay 

Robert Bowman    - Personnel Committee Meeting Report:  Resolution #7-2020 re: declared emergency leave

Darla Ellis          - Discuss Cereal Malt Beverage License Application
                            - Discuss Emergency Use of Revolving Loan Funds

ANY OTHER BUSINESS to come before the Council

COURT REPORT    – 2nd Meeting of each month

PAY BILLS:         -- Appropriating Ordinance #7

Upcoming Meeting/ Work Sessions:

April 1 City Council Meeting 5:30 PM
Committee Finance Utility Personnel Public Safety Parks Public Works
Chairman Dennis Gilhousen Gerald Jones Robert Bowman Dean Liddle Donna Foley Ron Briery
Vice Chair Gerald Jones Dennis Gilhousen Donna Foley Ron Briery Robert Bowman Gerald Jones
Member Ron Briery Donna Foley Dean Liddle Robert Bowman Dean Liddle Dennis Gilhousen